Demand Generation

The Importance Of Goal-Directed Behaviors To Buyer Personas+

In nearly every walk of life, goals are a major influence on what we do, think, feel, and the actions...

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5 Signs You Don’t Know Your B2B Customer+

Do you remember the board game Guess Who? You and your opponent would try to guess which character each other...

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Want More Leads But Don’t Have A Blog? Here’s How To Get Started+

Did you know companies that blog have 55 percent more website visitors and get 70 percent more leads than those...

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Why Personas Fail+

There’s plenty of fervor around the need for buyer personas; so why do some fail to deliver real value? From where I...

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The Content-Ready Buyer Persona+

Cintell was a proud sponsor of a Marketo webinar with Ardath Albee on the topic of content marketing and buyer...

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What To Include In A Buyer Persona [INFOGRAPHIC]+

So… what should you include in a buyer persona? Check out the new infographic inspired by our eBook, The Intelligent...

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5 Marketing Challenges Solved with Buyer Personas+

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Prager, president of Leadit Marketing. We had an excellent conversation about the...

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Stop Being Snubbed On The Buyer’s Journey!+

If you were a hitchhiker on the B2B highway, would customers pick you up? Or, would they stick their disapproving...

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Stop Focusing On The Sales Process, Silly!+

The buyer’s journey and the selling process terms are often confused. However, the sales process focuses on how to push...

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Stay The Course With Demand Generation  +

When discussing Demand Generation Strategy you should always look at all options before making a decision. That being said too...

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Hey Marketing: An Inquiry Is Not A Lead+

I had lunch with two leaders in the marketing technology and software startup space last week. We were discussing some...

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