Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I just get sick of reading (and writing) articles but still have the desire to consume or share great content.

That’s why I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, scanning people’s pictures on Facebook and on Slideshare. And while some people think slides are a sign of the downfall of civilization, they can be an effective way to deliver a message, make a business case and walk others through a process.

So I sought the best slideshare presentations on Content Marketing and found a ton to chose from. And from that list of amazing presentations, I chose these 6 to demonstrate some of the best thinking on content – from the business case, to the strategy, to how to get it done. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Did I miss any great ones?

I love a good manifesto and a call to change. Rand Fishkin does a great job in this deck explaining why we all need to just get started in content marketing. Warning: some content is not suitable for young or especially innocent audiences.

In this presentation, Joe Pulizzi details why content marketing has become such a hot buzzword. He looks at the latest  research, and shares case studies looking at five content strategies that separate the good from great content marketing professionals.

In this deck, Charlene Li and Rebecca Lieb from the Altimeter Group talk about new research results on Content Marketing and discuss the need for organizations to rebalance their resources to become proficient content creators.

In this deck, Steven Van Belleghem shows how advertising is evolving towards content marketing, and delivers a pragmatic way to start with content marketing in your company.

In this deck, my friends from Eloqua and JESS3 show you how to get some business done with content marketing and address every stage of the buyer’s journey in your marketing strategy.

Not to be outdone by their competition, the folks at Marketo use the visual storytelling power of slideshare to show the impact of marketing with visual content. They go through how to use infographics, video, visual note-taking, memes, and Instagrams into marketing campaigns.

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Michael Brenner is the Head of Strategy for the leading content marketing platform, NewsCred. He is also the author of B2B Marketing Insider, a contributor to Forbes and a frequent speaker at industry events covering topics such as marketing strategy, social business, content marketing, digital marketing, social media and personal branding.  Follow Michael on Twitter (@BrennerMichael)LinkedInFacebook and Google+ and Subscribe to B2B Marketing Insider by Email

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  1. Lee Odden said…

    Hey Michael, Nice collection, but do you really believe this?

    “Content Marketing’s Goal is not to convert customers directly, to acquire leads directly, to make sales directly”

    • Michael Brenner said…

      Hey Lee, I am not sure I disagree with the statement. Great content does not sell directly but creates business value (leads, sales) indirectly by meeting the needs of the customer first. I think I agree completely with that sentiment and I think that’s what the statement means.

  2. Jason Miller said…

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for including our Visual Content marketing deck! We are big fans of your blog and truly flattered to be featured. Looks like we are in very good company as well.

    Jason Miller – Marketo

  3. Barbara Fowler said…

    They were all good and I liked Rand’s the best! He had some great pictures and quotes. I liked Will Smith’s!

  4. Lauren Harper said…

    Thanks for including Eloqua’s Content to Customer SlideShare! Our customers have been getting a lot of value from it, and we hope others will as well!

    • Michael Brenner said…

      Please Lauren! Thanks for producing the good stuff. Hey can you say you’ve generated sales with that piece? (I think I know you can so it;s a trick question.)

  5. Lee Odden said…

    Interesting. Good luck making the connection between content marketing and ROI then if it’s not responsible for attribution to customer acquisition, leads and sales.

    • Michael Brenner said…

      Oh I agree to attribute it sales and ROI but the content itself can’t sell otherwise it’s not content, it’s just more marketing promotional hogwash. I think we are agreeing even though it sounds like we are not 😉

  6. Thanks for collecting these gems Michael!

    It’s ironic that it’s hard to find good, useful content on content marketing these days. So this collection goes a long way.

    Bookmarked! :)

  7. Kristy Falango said…

    Definitely agree with Mustafa, there’s just so much content to choose from, its hard to filter it and find the good stuff! I’m a marketing student and an intern so this is definitely going to be used in the future! Thanks!

  8. Stephen Pirrie said…

    Did you miss a presentation? “How to develop and deliver your content strategy”

  9. Barry Feldman said…

    Wow. I enjoyed looking at the decks you shared and the comments string even more. Seeing as how this is a bit of contest, I humbly submit my own content marketing prezo (which is trending on Twitter and LI, probably thanks to you MB)

  10. Belinda Summers said…

    Hi Michael,

    Found that this post of yours is very applicable in today’s trend. Content plays an important role in the internet marketing. If you don’t have any content , you don’t have anything to share. It serves as a magnet that attract customers. That is why it is really worth to invest in.

    Thanks for compiling all of these.

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