30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers+

The key to social selling success is fishing where the fish are. You might be fishing where the fish are,...

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Does My Stealth Start-Up Need PR?+

A lot of start-ups are in stealth mode, and don’t want anyone to know what they’re working on. “I don’t...

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3 Steps To A Better LinkedIn Photo+

If LinkedIn was like Tinder, would your customers swipe left or swipe right? I know a few Millennials, and scarily a...

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10 Tips To Increase Eyeballs And Conversion+

1. Deliver a clear brand promise.  What is the value you offer to customers? Say it crisply and hit a drumbeat. ...

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A Marketer’s Search For Meaning: 5 Attributes of Relevancy+

I read an article the other day that said that people are hired for hard skills and fired for a...

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The Entrepreneur, The Compass, And The Fog+

Serial social entrepreneur, Arthur Nelson, describes how a company's story is always filled with twists and turns.

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Stop Focusing On The Sales Process, Silly!+

The buyer’s journey and the selling process terms are often confused. However, the sales process focuses on how to push...

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Content Marketing That Converts+

How Do You Create Content Marketing That Converts? There’s been a fundamental shift in the way marketers and customers create,...

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7 Ways To Get Customers To Love Your Brand+

How do customers describe your company to their family and friends? Does your product just meet a need, or are...

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7 Essential Roles for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy+

All too often a brand’s content marketing “team” is a one-person show. In reality, this is the same as asking...

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3 Steps To Creating Content Like A Journalist+

Content marketers are not journalists. However, because of layoffs, economic circumstances, and the opportunity to expand their portfolios, many journalists...

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